Well…our cars are on the move. Since we do not have the funding for a bus at this time, we are partnering with the Winston-Salem Recreation and Parks Department to provide literacy circles at three recreation centers in the county. We have our first circle scheduled for this month!! We will read a book, have the children participate in a craft activity, eat a snack, and all-in-all, have a great time while learning. Participants will take a copy of the book and the craft home. Please read on for more information. Hope to see you at circle time!

Who should attend:  Children ages 2-5 years old 

When:  March 20, 2015

Where:  Old Town Recreation Center @ 9am

                 Carl Russell Recreation Center @ 10:30am

                 Sprague Recreation Center @ 12 noon


Questions: Please call Chanel James 336-816-6336,

Dayna Gury 336-408-5970,

or Lynn Widenhouse 336-830-9737.

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