The Speech Bus, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to meet the educational/language/literacy needs of preschool children in the Winston Salem/Forsyth County area. We will be a traveling unit that serves children 2-5 years old in lower income neighborhoods, providing language circles/activities and offering free books for kids, as well as info for parents.

Children entering kindergarten are expected to already have a strong foundation including knowledge of colors, letters, shapes, and functional language skills. Many children who do not attend preschools are already beginning their academic careers in a deficit. There are various contributing factors as to why many young children are not going to preschools/daycares (unable to afford child care, loss of child care vouchers, and lack of transportation).

We are board certified and licensed speech language pathologists who know that not only will our organization lessen the educational gap for these kids, but we can also improve school performance, and later possibly lower the drop-out rate in Forsyth County! Early exposure to language and literacy can reduce long term learning difficulties, and ultimately result in higher graduation rates, producing young adults who are better prepared for higher education as well as better employment opportunities. It’s a win win! There is so much work to be done… and we need your help! In order for The Speech Bus to be successful, we need donations and grants. The Speech Bus Inc. has been established in NC as a non-profit (501(c)(3)) corporation.
Financial support and donations may be made to:
The Speech Bus, Inc.