Welcome to ‘The Speech Bus’  a non-profit organization!

“Our mission is to serve children who have limited access to preschool or daycare programs by providing language/literacy circles, while exposing them to necessary experiences that will prepare them for social and academic success.”

Who We Are

We are a traveling unit that serves children 2-5 years old in lower income neighborhoods, providing language circles/activities and offering free books for kids, as well as info for parents.

Children entering kindergarten are expected to already have a strong foundation including knowledge of colors, letters, shapes, and functional language skills.

Many children who do not attend preschools are already beginning their academic careers in a deficit. There are various contributing factors as to why many young children are not going to preschools/daycares (unable to afford child care, loss of child care vouchers, and lack of transportation).

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Meet Our Staff

Chanel James

Chanel Profile

Dayna (soon to be) Nowicki

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We move into our enlightening circle group to read our book for the session. Circle groups help enhance each child’s literacy skills with the use of “story kits” by simultaneously allowing them to interact and relate to items in the story.


It’s fun reading a book like The Very Hungry Caterpillar because there is good anticipation and repetition as we all chant the phrase, “still hungry!”
As speech pathologists, we can’t let a page turn without targeting vocabulary, concepts, and speech sounds!


Once the story is complete, we reflect on what we loved about the book, and then we start on our craft! Sorting shapes, colors, and gluing is fun; taking home a craft that they created is even better!